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By Grace Through Faith…

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In all honesty, my relationship with God hasn’t always been the strongest. In fact, I’d be lying if I was to say that I pray every single day, or that I attend church every Sunday. However, one thing that I have and have always had is ‘faith’.

Faith keeps me going. Faith to me evokes hope, light at the end of the tunnel – The promise of a better tomorrow. I often look to the future with confidence because I know God’s got me.

But what is faith?” you may ask. Faith is to have complete trust, assurance and confidence in God (For those who aren’t religious, faith is the confidence or trust in a person or an entity). With most things, I try to keep a positive mind (emphasis on the word ‘try’  because…. yeah lol). By approaching things and situations with confidence and certainty, I believe that one is essentially opening themselves up to the law of attraction, no? What you envision for yourself is what you will create for yourself; my faith affirms this.

I’m quite skeptical of religious dogma. In my opinion, a constant compulsive need to defend one’s faith betrays its weakness, whereas the confident and secure absence of such a need, is evidence of strong faith. For me, a relationship with God is completely personal.

Therefore let’s have faith. God loves us all regardless. None of us is perfect and God recognizes this (Even those who love to portray holier than thou). What’s desired are people who live on the basis of strong faith, hungering for continual discovery and self development. God rewards those who diligently seek him.


– V.O.L


12 thoughts on “By Grace Through Faith…

  1. Being a Preacher’s Kid, I can def say that faith is the strong point of religion because although I grew up in church, I didn’t KNOW God until I found him for myself and developed a faith of my own. Stay strong!

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  2. Grace…
    Reminds me of Michael W. Smith’s song… I am learning it and I pray it remains with me a lot. There are days that are really dark though, times when it feels like ‘The heck!’ 🙂
    Thank God for Jesus, and for every smile he puts back on our face plus the relief of peace when we believe. You write well. This touched me. Thanks.

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    1. I can relate. As title says.. ‘By grace through faith’.. we’ll certainly get through every obstacle. – Thank God for his grace. Thanks for your lovely thought, and thanks for reblogging xx Stay Blessed.

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