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21 Reflections Of A 21 Year Old

1. Things to do everyday: Thank God. Drink Water. Check up on loved ones. Cleanse your face.

2. Show more gratitude and appreciate the little things.

3. Pressing snooze is never ever a good idea. That extra 5-10 minutes (In my case 15-30 minutes *covers face*) of sleep is never really worth the repercussions of having to rush around to get ready

4. Live to express, not impress.

5. Reading, writing and creating is a luxury, not a right. Entitlement is thinking otherwise

6. When you travelled to Italy for your 21st to celebrate with your old primary school friends and found out that a school mate had passed away to cancer. Quit complaining about your ‘problems’. R.i.P Maria Ada

7. Stay away from fizzy drinks, they make your teeth go yellow

8. Your ‘baby sister’ is no longer a baby

9. Music will continue to be your preferred form of therapy

10. People will often misunderstand you and that’s okay. Thats their problem, not yours

11. Real wealth is health

12. That girl who you thought would never fall in love, fell in love.

13. All that glitters isn’t gold. Literally.. never judge a book by its cover

14. You will begin to realise that adults are more flawed than you could have ever imagined

15. Hard work and persistence produces great results. Suit up & Show up

16. Bitterness is unattractive. Stay smiling

17.  Your fluency in Italian will come in handy

18. Invest in a good watch! One for daily use and another for occasional outings

19. Faith is the opposite of fear

20.  Hindsight is 20/20. Obsessing over what you could have done differently comes to no avail. How you hurt, who you hurt and time wasted. Eventually the pieces will fall into place and your dark past will be your greatest gift

21. Be nice to everyone you meet. Everyone is going through a journey you know nothing about



16 thoughts on “21 Reflections Of A 21 Year Old

  1. Great list of things learned, you seem very wise😊 I especially loved Live to express, not impress. And your dark past will be your greatest gift✨

    Liked by 1 person

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