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Why As Ladies, We Should Be Financially Independent

This topic has been sparked by an observation made throughout the weekend at a family get-together. It was observed that men feel entitled to things simply because they are men, deeming themselves to have more economic power than women. This speaks to a large societal problem which has deep ties in patriarchy, most especially amongst African countries.

In this context, financial independence is the right to earn ones living; to control your life and claim your rights. When women earn for themselves, they are instantly more in control of their lives. Not only is financial independence a source of confidence, but it also gives women credibility to participate in societal matters and important decision making.

Although more and more women are pursuing their goals and following their ambition, there is still this notion that a woman can be successful but not too successful. Can you guess the justification for that? In order not to intimidate a man.

The depiction of women’s success’ in the corporate world is often misleading. Women are very often bumping into the glass ceiling. This is described as a barrier that is so subtle that it is transparent, yet so strong that it prevents women from moving up the corporate hierarchy.

So not only is there a glass ceilings amongst most sectors which prevents women from advancing higher in their level job, but women are also being told not to aim too high or they’ll risk intimidating men.

For too long this narrative has been spoon-fed to women with it blindly being accepted. As Millenials, we are blessed with blatant anti discrimination laws which allows us to chase whatever it is that we want to pursue. Essentially it is important we take advantage of this and become financially independent. We owe it to the women of the past era who were not as fortunate as we are, and didn’t have such opportunities.

Here are some reasons why it is important for women to be financially independent:

1) Self-Confidence: Making and having your own income gives you the confidence to make your own decision and live life on your own terms.

2) Self-Reliance: Making and having your own money means that you do not have to depend on anyone for basic essentials.

3) To Avoid Disappointments: On solely the mans income, it would consequently be difficult to adjust or adapt to a situation if anything were to go wrong (e.g divorce, sudden death..)

4) To Stop Feeling Vulnerable: Many women stay in abusive relationships because they feel as though they have nowhere else to go if they leave. With financial independence, a woman is able to make better choices for herself

5) To Avoid Resentment: When one is continuously taking from someone without contributing, there would be points where resentment will to start to creep in.

6) To Avoid Being Someone’s Property: When a woman is completely dependant on a man, she subconsciously belongs to him. This can be avoided by gaining financial freedom.

Taking into account the cost of living that our generation has to put up with, it only makes sense that every working age member plays some part in making a living. With the increased popularity of freelance work and content creation.. there is really no excuse.

So what do we say in response to those who suggest that women shouldn’t strive for too much success? Being financially independent as a hard working lady will only compliment the effort of a hard working man. 


37 thoughts on “Why As Ladies, We Should Be Financially Independent

  1. Yep. You’re totally right.

    I’d also add that although most women do work these days, there is the added problem that many roles that women take on are not seen as having as much prestige (or pay!) as traditional “masculine” jobs. So when women work in things like a nursery or a care home, they take on exhausting work for very little pay.

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    1. Yup very true. The care sector is very female dominated with little pay for all the labour and long hours they’re subjected to. Its as though people don’t realise that everyone at some point in their life will need to be cared for. The workers definitely deserve a higher rate

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  2. The importance is even more so in Africa like you said. So many women are suffering in silence just because they can’t cater to their needs independently. In some cases, these women marry the wrong men to cater for themselves, their parents, and siblings etc.

    Love this post Vic!

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    1. As in.. it’s so sad😕. If the woman had some financial backings of her own, she wouldn’t have to settle. Thanks darling 😘😘❤❤


  3. Great article! I tell my girlfriend these ideas constantly.

    For whatever reason, being financially independent seems to be more popular among men. Even though early retirement and financial freedom is for everyone no matter your gender.

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  4. Haha! I laughed when I saw that picture… Sad truth, isn’t it?
    I think we can advance at least 500 more reasons why women need to be financially independent including especially that they are the bedrock of any society… But let’s not go into article writing on a blog post, right?
    I have always been an advocate of independent women, interdependent couples are usually the strongest couples when push comes to shove. I wonder where I would be if there weren’t so many strong women around me. They inspire, uplift and give you cause to live. It helps when we all know that the fight is not dominance or equality, but equity, beauty, and strength brought on a level-playing field.

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  5. I think certain men who find a woman who is financially stable and independent or even sometimes who earns more than them as intimidating is because they grew up learning that women are supposed to be submissive and males are supposed to be the bread winners.
    I think we should stop teaching boys this, because times have changed and nowadays more and more females are the breadwinners and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that!

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    1. Yup that’s true. Especially with our parents generation and the generations before that.. typically the man has been the bread winner. Rightly said, luckily things are changing and we should all embrace that✊🏾✊🏾


  6. Completely agree! It’s so sad that a lot of women tend to blindly adhere to demeaning stereotypes and ways of the world. Have just posted an article about why being a female shouldn’t upstage all our other qualities, check it out could be quite relevant!

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  7. I really liked your article, but I believe you’re using the term, “Financially independent,” incorrectly. By definition, “Financial independence is the state of having sufficient personal wealth to live, without having to work actively for basic necessities. For financially independent people, their assets generate income and/or cash flow from dipping into the assets that is at least as great as their expenses.” Financially independent people do not have to work because of their passive cashflow.

    “Financially secure” or “Independent financially” would describe the article better without misleading readers into thinking this is an article about Financial Independence.


    1. Hey! Thank you for your comment! For that specific reason I did specify in the article that I would be discussing financial independence in the context of having the right to earn ones living. When looking online at the time, I did find lots of different definitions for the term ‘financial independence’ hence why I even felt the need to describe the context in which I would discuss it in.

      Thank you so much for the clarification though.

      Stay Blessed🤗


  8. I completely agree. I think the feeling of being financially secure really gives you the confidence to achiever your goals faster. I like knowing that I can have some disposable income for emergencies or even for indulging my soul


  9. Women should get this right I think, there is no law that says women can’t pay bills,we should be financially independent, too many people depending on men for money and it’s so sad seriously


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