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Quality Over Quantity: Blogging & Life

Hi there! Thanks for passing by..
The topic of this post is: Quality over quantity?

Why? Well, This is my third of fourth attempt at starting a blog. I have other websites which I experimented with whilst at uni and which were eventually abandoned due to insecurity and a lack of direction – they are currently lost in the web somewhere (lol).

When I began blogging I was advised to be very consistent when writing content. I agreed to this, and dedicated myself to writing a blog post once or twice a week. Clearly, this hasn’t quite gone to plan.
Every Friday and Saturday I sit (or attempt to) in front of my laptop forcing myself to come up with quality posts, content which isn’t too generic .. but in honesty that hasn’t seemed to work for me. I am often times greeted with emptiness.. or what others might refer to as ‘writers block’. Cutting a long story short, all of my blog posts have for the most part, typically been fuelled and inspired by an occurrence or a series of recent events.

Pondering upon this led me to evaluate the statement ‘quality over quantity’. This is not only applicable to blogging, but also when out shopping, relationships, followers, friendships, business deals, seeking clients, personal development etc.

The idea of choosing quality over quantity is not necessarily about having less, but about having more of what matters most. When one stops racking up numbers and starts looking at substance, I’ve found that life appears to be richer and more fulfilled. And yes.. happier.

As idealistic as the above explanation might sound, it also needs to be recognised that if one has started a blog with the goal and the intention to grow it to the masses, then the importance of quantity cannot be underestimated. The truth is, the more you write about a particular subject, the higher your website will rank in the search engines. And because high rankings equals more traffic, sometimes quality has no choice but to take a back seat to quantity.

The concept of ‘quality over quantity’ is a simple one and I don’t know many people who wouldn’t at least profess to believe in its value. But in reality, it’s quantity that is consistently rewarded in our society. More money, more content, more bedrooms, more horsepower, more accomplishments. We have been conditioned to strive for more.

But time and time again, we prove to ourselves that ‘more’ does not bring happiness or fulfilment.

Challenge yourself to rethink how you measure success each day. Consider the energy you have invested in avoiding less. Has having more relationships, more stuff, or more time made you happy?

Perhaps it’s time to try better instead.

As much as I would love to write more blog posts… I honestly drive myself mad in the pursuit of creative content.

Any thoughts on quality vs quantity? I’d love to hear them.

If you’re a blogger, I would love to know your thoughts on quality vs quantity in relation to blogging.

Yours Truly,



Time I could have realistically taken to write this post: 2 – 4 hours

Time spent writing this post: 2 and half weeks

Culprit: Perfectionism, topped with procrastination and a pinch of uncertainty


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36 thoughts on “Quality Over Quantity: Blogging & Life

  1. See I’m the type of person that whatever I do I’d rather it make a difference in one person’s life then to not make a difference at all. I got caught up in thinking if I got more traffic I could get more people to read my work. But thing is that more traffic is just traffic. People will just click the link and veer off if they don’t find interest. I want people to like my work and share it with people who need or want to read it. I don’t want people to just drive by. So for me my posts will forever up hold quality over quantity.

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  2. Honestly, this has always been a big problem for me and still is in a lot of ways. It wasn’t until recently that I started being more consistent with blogging. Quality is absolutely very important for me but, I decided to try and write as much as I can and hope to get better as I go along. So, whenever I think of something that I want to write, I put it down somewhere and re-visit it later and I also try to get inspired by random stuff that has happened during the day or stuff that I have read, seen or listened to. Sorry, I’m not sure if I am articulating myself properly but I am trying to push myself to write more because I feel like the more I do it, the better I’ll be…Does that make sense?

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    1. Yes, create a place to capture the bits and pieces as they come to you, review them often and work with them when you have time to be intentional. That’s what I’ve been learning. This a much more productive plan than attempting to write from scratch on the day you intended to publish a post, IMHO.

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    2. Yes that made sense – and i agree. Writing things down as they come to you is definitely a good idea. I do that as well on my notes app on my iPhone. I have lots of bullet points with ideas.. the issue is how to effectively project them as I’d like lol. But eventually it just comes 😊💛

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  3. I think readers would appreciate quality over quantity. Like I’m more likely to visit a blog where the author posts meaningful pieces once a month or once a week (I follow a couple) over a blog that’s filled with content that’s generic or meaningless. I tend to blog when something has occurred or is stirring inside but I try not to be gone for too long. Better to post something that’ll leave readers fulfilled than to make a 300 word posts that’s “empty”.

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  4. Quality definitely beats quantity hands down for me! I was having this conversation with myself earlier today at work when the writer’s itch was strong, but I had no time to make words. Though inspiration has been zero problem for me, I find the most important aspect of my posts (and even the ones I read of others) is that MY voice is loud and clear. That it’s a window into me and my world. And yah, maybe no one will care,but in twenty years I’ll be able to go back and read my posts and remember all of the triumphs and heartbreaks. Find the thing that only you have to offer the world and give that. It doesn’t matter if you cover similar topics as others as long your true self comes through loud and clear. Hope that’s helpful. Keep on trying! Your story wants to be told!

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    1. That’s beautiful. Thanks Jessica🌹
      I agree. I think it also depends on what blogging means to the individual. Similarly to you, I do it as a way to express myself and as a source of reflection to read back at in the future – and to hopefully be proud of.

      Stay Blessed 💛

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      1. Certainly! Our unique POV is so important and the ways we approach blogging are diverse and deeply personal. I’m so glad I decided to start a blog. Like so many decisions in my life, I’m left wondering why I waited!


  5. You’ve got some good, challenging thoughts here. I’ve been blogging about 4 and 1/2 months now, and I finally got to 20 followers today and posted my 12th post over this past weekend. Clearly I’m off to a slow start! (I haven’t even made a public/general announcement to all my friends about having a blog!) But I’m okay with not having a large quantity of posts or followers at this point, because I would rather have the confidence that I can sustain this and that I’ve actually got decent enough quality to support a large number of readers. Not interested in a public spectacle “crash and burn.” (Recovering perfectionist here.) Still, beyond that, I think that the nature of my topic demands quality over quantity, so I feel no compulsion to try to generate more posts or followers quickly and build up expectations that I can’t sustain. I’m just a believer in laying down a good foundation first, trusting that if I’m worthy of the spotlight, I’ll eventually get there. Trying to blog at least every 2 weeks, hoping to someday soon get a rhythm set that allows for a weekly post. Someday. 😉 Anyway, thanks for letting me ramble!

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  6. Well written post! I love the 4th and 5th paragraphs. I believe in quality over quantity in life. In blogging, if a blogger posts 2-3 times a week and the posts turn out to be good, then it’s icing on the cake. But sometimes, quality is compromised.

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  7. Hee hee hee!
    I love the P.S – got me laughing. There’s this email I have been writing to a friend. I guess it has gone to some four weeks or so. She has bugged me to send what I am writing but all those fine excuses come up, as you have beautifully put it.

    Yup! I totally get you on all the points. I felt almost as if I was reading my writing. I was a whole lot more consistent before but there’s something about time. I am struggling to find time, on the one hand to create the right content – it gets harder as time goes by, and on the other, trying to do everything else that is life. How does one find balance?

    Slowly, the blog yawns asking for me but what can I do? 🙂
    Well, I guess in the end we will have to do what we can in what time we have.

    Sometimes, we add some quantity. But largely, quality.

    God help us!

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    1. Sueddie! Your comments always have me cracking up lol. You know how they say.. great minds think alike 😂

      God help us indeed…. cus finding the right balance is proving to be a headache 😂

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  8. You see The reason I started blogging is to write about things I go through and comes to my mind bad or good I wanna talk about it but sometimes I don’t go through events that light up the bulb in my head and here where I be like shall I just go according to my blog schedule and write about anything or should I wait and write about something that can help someone , so it’s a constant Battle but ofc quality over quantity because I want to impact someone to do better and maybe even relate

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  9. I think it also has a lot to do with how you express yourself. Some people are good at expressing themselves through writing. Some are not… music, photos or art may be better to them.

    The advice you got – about writing 2-3 blog posts a week is solid from SEO perspective. Basically you need new content each week so that search engines prioritize your blog. But that advice is useless if you don’t feel like you have something worthy to write 2-3 times a week. Most of us don’t. I am struggling with 2. And keep in mind they are pros who do this for living (and earning money through blogs). They have 1000s of articles on backburner, set to post every other day. If you are producing original content by yourself – that tempo is pretty hard.

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  10. So true! All of it. Quality beats Quantity anytime but to attain that sometimes is so hard and requires a lot of time sitting, thinking and typing. Procrastination is an enemy we all have to fight against, the new Motto: get it done right
    Great piece dear.

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  11. By the way, you really should post more. You write beautifully.

    You could write about experiences as you go through this journey called life, or just pick situations to talk about.

    And I see your reason. So many times when asked, quality or quantity?, we are quick to say “quality”, but the quantity matters as well, sometimes more so than quality. When you do more, even if it may not be with the best of behavior, best of discipline, you will still be rewarded, and in the world of blogging. In the blog-o-sphere, when you write more, you garner more readers than the person who posts once in two weeks even when it’s all quality write.

    I will say that they go hand in hand, because when you post a lot and people don’t enjoy your write since it isn’t something different, or doesn’t look like you took time to work on it, with time, people will still leave, and same applies with our daily dealings.
    They go hand in hand. One can’t work without the other.

    This is a post that’ll make you think. Its a great one.

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  12. Quality over quantity is one thing that makes bloggers go gaga. The strife to always create unique content that people can relate to, is very difficult. It’s not a bad thing neither. I think it’s all about finding your voice tho. Just saying

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  13. My story is actually similar. I’ve attempted multiple times at blogging but didn’t know how to keep it up because I just had no clue what to write about. My most current blog details my entrepreneurial journey so I’m literally just documenting the things I do.

    Regarding the topic on quality and quantity, the question I ask myself was, “How can I keep it consistent?” The lesson I learned from previous attempts at blogging was that I didn’t treat it like it mattered. Now it does because I’ve gotten a clearer vision of my end goal.

    To me it’s not really about trying to get it right the first time, but giving it multiple attempts in order to find something that works. So of course quality matters; and the same goes with quantity. The key is finding the balance that works well for you.

    Great post! I look forward to reading more great writing from you!

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  14. From my perspective I think readers prefer quality to quantity, I mean no one cares about the numbers just bring something important to the table, I only blog when I think of something massive that would definitely boost the people’s talkworthiness, to me I think it’s quality over quantity

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  15. As a blogger how often i published a blog post was something i never really concerned my self with. I was happy with posting once a week and making sure the article are what readers can relate with and would enjoy reading rather than post thrice or more a week just to show i was consistent. I feel posting once means putting out quality contents and if i decided to post more per week it would only be a pressure to be like the next blogger who publishes two or more posts a week and that isn’t who i am. It’s not how much but its impact on your readers.

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  16. Nice post!
    I prefer quality over quantity. It’s not how much blogs how fast you post your content but what’s being said in the content.
    Writing is hard when you force yourself, let it come natural
    I noticed you said, you had trouble being consistent and being consistent is not easy. Best way to come up with topics is to search writing prompts in your interest and just write a quick essay regarding that prompt
    or just write your opinion on a complicated question that’s in your mind
    for example
    “What the does word loyalty means to me”
    but anyway sorry to go off topic but I believe just write from the heart and let your thoughts flow naturally
    I wish you luck with blogging

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    1. Hey! Thanks for reading and for your in depth response, I really appreciate it. I actually do what you’ve suggested. On my iPhone I use the note app to write different topics that I would like to blog about (it’s quite full right now 😂) .. but then often, when I feel like it’s time to visit the list to see what to blog about, the inspiration is gone 🙈 and I don’t like doing things half heartedly; so my issue is essentially waiting too long for that ‘inspiration’ to come 😫

      Thanks for the well wishes, and no I appreciate you going off topic haha ❤️

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