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Let’s Talk About Branding: High End vs. High Street

One would think that music artists, (most notably rappers and hip hop artists) have been sponsored by the likes of Gucci Group, Louis Vuitton, Christian Louboutin, Balenciaga etc to consistently chant and incorporate their brand names into their songs. Almost as though to unconsciously influence the masses of listeners into believing that owning these brands equates to a certain ‘prestigious’ status followed by a false sense of ‘priviledged membership’ into the lifestyle being portrayed.

I can only imagine that being wrapped up in a Gucci scarf whilst repetitively singing along to “Gucci gang, Gucci gang, Gucci gang..” can only evoke to an exclusive sense of belonging. Likewise, casually sitting at the bar in your Louboutin’s and then having Cardi B’s piercing voice blaring out through the speakers: “These is red bottoms, these is bloody shoes” can only add fuel to the ego.

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Going into my first job at the age of 16 and therefore having a bit of disposable cash, gave me the independence to shop for my own outfits; enabling me to dab into more ‘fashion conscious’ brands within my affordability. My favourites at the time becoming Primark, H&M and New Look. I can recall walking past River Island and TopShop with longing eyes, knowing that at the time I couldn’t quite afford their trendy clothes, but not ceasing to try them on in the changing rooms and taking mirror selfies – yearning for the days where I could comfortably fork out £40 on a pair of good quality jeans.

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2011: New Look changing rooms


Essentially, the normalisation of luxury high end brands within popular music and music videos, has increased supply and demand amongst the ‘common’ masses. Additionally, the widespread use and popularity of social media gives us an exclusive access into the luxurious lifestyle of famous public figures and online social media influencers. Gone are the days where only the upper class would be seen in Chanel handbags and Prada heels; now the acquisition of such brands has become a lot more desirable and accessible.

So accessible that recently, I succumbed into the temptation of treating myself to a few high end items. The big question now being, is it worth investing that extra bit of cash? Or is it in fact just better off sticking to high street products?

From my observation, and of course being realistic about what I can afford, I have come to the following conclusions:

If you can afford it, knock yourself out.

On the other hand, in relation to high end products I don’t believe that they are a necessity. I will however admit, that the only time I am ever tempted to make high end and good quality purchases are in relation to accessories; Therefore handbags, watches and possibly shoes. I believe that possessing good quality accessories can make a difference to an outfit.

However there is a difference between good quality and high end purchases. A good quality purchase is something of high standard. This does not automatically equate high end; but all high end products are usually of good quality. Good quality products can also be found in the high street. As mentioned in my earlier anecdote, when I was 16, I longed for the days where I could afford Topshop jeans because I was able to recognise that they are of a better quality compared to the Primark and H&M jeans that I was only able to afford.

Nonetheless, it is worth noting the economic factors affecting my judgement. Had I grown up with the financial capital to afford high end and top quality brands, my opinion might be completely different. There is the possibility that I might have never even thought to browse through H&M and Primark for outfits because wearing high end fashion would genuinely be the norm.

Essentially, I believe that one can wear a jumpsuit from e.g H&M and instantly level up the outfit by accessorising it with a good quality purchase. For instance, a good quality handbag and shoes.

2017: High Street clothing and Good quality accessories

Overall, high end products are just that: ‘high end’. Self explanatory, the possession of such goods equates a sense of exclusivity.  Same way I could never decline a Hermès Birkin handbag if it were to be gifted to me *winks*.

But at the same time, is that sense of exclusivity worth forking out that extra bit of cash for, when a similar product at good quality can probably be found on the high street?

Similarly, public figures are exactly that: public figures. Their status within society attaches to them a high number of followers – highly sought after amongst a lot of businesses. When marketed properly, these public figures are the perfect tools to promote and expose brands to consumers like us.

What are your thoughts?

Are you into high street or high end?

Yours Truly,


Time spent writing this post: 5 days

Location: University of Birmingham – procastinating during lectures

Inspiration for this post: Student asking about my handbag

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16 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Branding: High End vs. High Street

  1. I once saw a clock at a booth at a Chinese supplier in Hong Kong. It had the logo of a high end brand on it. The company hadn’t even changed the standard numbers and markings on the dial of the clock. Next to it was the identical clock, without the brand. One would be sold for ten times the price of the other. That taught me that the brand alone is worthless to the consumer. Only the design content, product quality and creativity matters.

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  2. Definitely interesting to see what drives people to buy high end products. Yes, sometimes they are of better quality, but other times you just pay for the name brand, not the quality. It’s good to have your eyes open and know why you buy what you buy.


  3. 5 days….okay, it took me 5 hours to read 😀
    Howdy? This was deep and at some point I felt like taking a pen for some notes. Well written and made me wonder at my fashion sense. I smiled when I remembered that for a long time it was all about covering my nakedness. At some point, one learns to change one’s perspective…

    Topic at hand: I love quality but wouldn’t care about the brand. Is it beautiful? Importantly, will I be comfortable? Maybe it is a guy thing… Maybe…

    I might have a different answer in a month’s time.

    And how come you didn’t show us a picture of the said bag? Hmmm

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I sincerely hope it didn’t take 5 hours to read haha. Interesting, same here. The evolution of fashion over time is intriguing. I’m not much of a brand shopper, but I do love quality. That’s the main thing I’m after when shopping.

      Lol, I didn’t think to post the handbag that was commented on. It was an African print Kente bag that my best friend got me from Ghana; simple but different.


      1. Kente is lovely! Now I think we should see it. I like the way the Ghanaians have made a brand of that fabric… What do we have in our own culture here in terms of cloth? At some point, they were making clothes out of ‘Ghana Must Go’ fabric… Am I deviating?

        Oh well, it didn’t really take 5 hours to read but it was a long read. There are only a few people who can hold my interest to read things for more than five minutes (I read slow)… I have short attention span for computers, phones and in general, screens …

        Quality rocks always jare. There’s no two ways about it…

        Okay, I guess I might take a name if 1) it is definitely worth the quality 2) I can somehow make people know it is it 😀

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