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New Year, New Who? 

“Hey sis, how do I become like these women?”

I swift my gaze from my phone to hers, and analyse the pictures being displayed:

Successful women.

I fretfully scan her screen display:

Entrepeneur and business owner: Patricia Bright. 

The perfect shade of melanin and no imperfection in sight: Kehinde Smith. 

Enviable lifestyle and material possessions: Aaliyah Jay. 

For the first time in my life I’m unsure how to respond to her question.

She eagerly looks at me: “Please how do I become like them?”.

I look up to the ceiling in the hope that the answer will dawn on me. It doesn’t. You see… I’ve been here before. Flicking through pictures on social media and comparing myself. Wondering, why at my age I haven’t been able to accomplish anything ‘substantial’.

My mind in a spiral, I wonder if I should give her a cliché response. You know… one of those typical quotes you see floating around the internet that we all love? “Comparison is the thief of joy” etc?

No, I can’t tell her that” I think to myself. This girl has clearly asked me this question hoping for a concrete answer. If she wanted a cheesy quote I’m sure she would have gone to Pinterest.

You want to be like those ladies?” I slowly ask her, forcibly trying to mask my uneasiness.

Yes” she keenly responds.

From what I can see they all have one thing in common: consistency. We all start from somewhere, they didn’t give up and here they now are – So don’t give up” I advise her with seriousness.

She looks at me and her face beams into an alluring smile. She looks ever so grateful, as though I had just let her in to some deep secret.

Thank you sis, thank you so much. See you at the top.”

That last line resonated with me: “See you at the top”. 

I had just shared the ‘supposed’ secret to success with someone who was keen and eager to acquire that knowledge. I  disappointedly shake my head at myself; for I had been in on this ‘secret’ and had never applied it to myself.

I walk over to my bedroom wall and inspect my calendar: “12th December 2017” I mutter out loud.

It seems as though I have two options:

I can either be basic and wait for the new year to enforce it as a “New year new me” mantra.

Or I can place my destiny into my own hands by acting accordingly as of today.

What will it be?


Yours Truly,

🌹 V.O.L

27 thoughts on “New Year, New Who? 

  1. This post was so beautiful and the perfect motivation I needed today.
    It becomes to easy to compare ourselves to others instead of allowing others to inspire our growth.
    I really appreciate this post, it was so beautifully written.
    Thank you,
    xxo Bri

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  2. Sounds just like a conversation I had with my sister the other day! Your response was way more elegant than mine. Hopefully, I can take this post back to her and change the impression that I left on her. Thank you!

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  3. When you do motivation, and girl power, you rock… But don’t you know that? And it isn’t even girl power per se, it is just you being you and that is what makes you beautiful. Your writings more beautiful.
    I don’t get time to come to these places – online- as much as I would want to, but yup, will keep coming to check you, you can be sure. I remember one of your birthdays when you had that post up. Had me thinking on much. I have a birthday coming. I wonder what it would turn out like. Just to smile and wait, right? 🙂

    May the times smile sis.

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    1. You know you’ve been caught off guard when you’re quite literally lost for words 😩. Such a beautiful comment, thank you Sueddie. I am now excitedly anticipating your birthday post lol.

      Stay Blessed ✨❤️

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      1. I had to come back here to remind you to send us the Part 2 of the Hopeless Romantic Diary, we are not playing with you! 🙂

        What are you studying in the university? How many years to go? Or done?


      2. Well, that’s what community is about, no? We have your back and have to keep pushing you so that whenever school gives you a little breathing space we can continue with the other parts of you that we can grab 🙂

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      3. Reminds me again of that stuff my mother would say every once in a while… Yes, the patient dog eats the fattest bone but after all the other dogs have eaten all the meat and juicier bones 😉

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