The Mind That Never Sleeps 😞

Current society glorifies material things and success stories. I’m one of them, I aspire for both. However, often times because everyone is so busy presenting the best version of themselves, we often do not realise the internal demons that they may be battling. They are professional actors, who have mastered the ability to suppress their internal emotions in such a way that on the surface, their misery and sadness cannot be traced.

A prime example being Ant, one half of the UK TV presenting duo ‘Ant and Dec’ who had secretly been battling with anxiety, depression as well as alcohol and substance abuse despite consistently being in the public light – His issues only came to light last year following his admission into rehab.

A mind that never sleeps…

It is both a curse and a blessing to be able to ponder so deeply.

There are times when my train of thoughts are so far fetched, that I sometimes really believe I have reached a ‘eureka’ moment worthy of being theorised. It is a blessing because it means you are able to critically think about things and often times, this leads to being open minded and the acceptance of differing opinions.

On the other hand, when feeling low in mood especially, that is when the curse takes place. It is at this moment that I realise just how powerful the mind is.

So powerful that a decline in positive mood and a train of negative thoughts can lead me to want to cancel the whole day.

At the sound of the alarm, or at the glance of the clock, my initial thoughts being: “I can’t do this”.

Everything is magnified. A presenting situation at the time can seem as though it will factor towards the end of the world.

There have been times where I have genuinely considered whether being alive is worth it. Thankfully these thoughts never last for more than a significant amount of time, as I am able to recognise that my emotions are very high and I am therefore not thinking rationally.

Although.. not everyone has this ability and this is how the act of suicide can take place.

The stigma attached to mental health makes it hard for a lot of sufferers with significant problems to be taken seriously due to the notion of the illness not being visible.

Oftentimes this leads to isolation.

I believe having no one to really upon up to, makes it worse. Or pehaps having no one who you feel understands what you are saying – This is often the most re-occuring feedback from service users who suffer with mental health issues.

This is when I realise the importance of a strong support system. If you meet someone who genuinely cares (I would like to emphasise the word ‘genuinely‘ again for added emphasis..) do not take them for granted.

If you can, when feeling down or you find your mind spiralling downwards towards the pit of hell.. write down your thoughts, journal, listen to your favourite songs, call a friend, keep yourself distracted, go to the gym, eat some ice-cream,  contact me .. stay busy. Don’t entertain the thoughts.

The best way to conquer the stigma attached to mental health is to create a discussion and ensure that people know that they aren’t alone.

“Let no corrupt word proceed out of your mouth, but what is good for necessary edification, that it may impart grace to the hearers” – EPHESIANS 4:29


Yours Truly,



10 thoughts on “The Mind That Never Sleeps 😞

  1. This is so true almost everyone on their various social media only show us the part of their life that seems pleasing but people never get to see the trouble sir problems they are really going through! I loved the verse from the Bible btw.

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  2. True words…but it’s not easy not to entertain those thoughts sometimes.

    When at our lows, or for even no reason, it comes unbidden, and we can’t stop it.

    If it’s topped with insecurity, and one is not so sure he wants to tell a friend, then we remain like that, till that feeling leaves us.

    It’s a tough time, and sometimes, we listen to music and relish in such damned feeling. We are used to it. We take comfort in it.

    It’s a phase. We know the feeling always leaves. We just have to manage for that time.

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    1. Absolutely.
      However for some it’s a bit more complex, the feeling doesn’t just leave .. (e.g those suffering from depression or diagnosed anxiety).

      It is on the other hand important for people to acknowledge that everyone at some point will go through a rough patch, and compassion is at times necessary.. as this frame of negativity does not discriminate, and not everyone knows how to manage it.

      Thanks for your thoughts 💋


  3. I used to suffer really bad with suicidal thoughts (big part of my testimony as I used to suffer with anxiety and depression). Especially in high school, I was all too familiar with concealing these thoughts. Although I appeared to be happy (for the most part) I I suffered a lot. Personally, I found it helpful to no longer identify with it. Being saved and accepting Christ is the best thing that has happened. Taking it day by day, you feel so much better in knowing that you have God and as you said a support system around to keep things coming together 🙂


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