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Becoming More Christ-Like: Walking By Faith

My first ever blog post on Victoria’s Bubble was titled: ‘By Grace Through Faith.

I openly declare that I have not been the ideal personification of what a ‘Christian’ is supposed to be; however I have always had a relationship with God.

I have ‘fallen’ plenty of times: fell into sin, temptations, done things which I often look back at in horror; but despite all these things which I view as being unforgivable, God has still seen me through.

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The months of April 2018 – July 2018 have been the most challening in the last 5 years of my becoming an adult.

During this period, and most recently in particular; I have come realise and appreciate the importance of faith. Yes I may not be perfect, but similarly I know that God sees my heart, and despite the sinful faults, it is a good heart.

I have taken it upon myself to publicly honour God from now on as a form of appreciation by becoming more Christ-like. I guess in biblical terms, this would make me ‘born-again‘.

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Acting more ‘Christ-like‘ is an obvious reminder of why I have decided to embark on this journey. Unfortunately, I still have unpleasant memories from people who claim to be ‘born-again‘; however I am optimistic that as time goes by, God will heal that trauma.

Jesus Christ has set the perfect example for us, and He has commanded us to become as He is. He exemplified characteristics such as faith, hope, charity, patience, humility, purity, diligence, and obedience. As we learn of Him and seek to develop his attributes, we will become who our Heavenly Father would like us to be

I pray that through my own faults and past experiences I will be able to relate to others who have also ‘fallen‘ and want to re-kindle their faith. Sometimes it can be hard to rekindle your faith when you view yourself as a sinner and the Christians around you all appear to be ‘perfect‘.

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I believe it is worth remembering that despite my wanting to go on this Christ-like journey, and despite many people being ‘born-again‘ it still does not exempt us from potentially sinning.

Our past mistakes do not define us and they certainly will not deny God from using us as a vessel. Surrendering ourselves to God will enable Him to mould us into who He has predestined us to be.

If you need reassurance:

Image result for Let he who is without sin be the first to cast the stone.

^^ I’ll be waiting.


I am not perfect, I most likely will never be..but I certainly want please God.

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“You will run and not get weary. You will walk and will not faint. With every experience, both good and bad, God has been preparing you all along to run your race without quitting. You will mount up with wings as an eagle and you will soar! You are being strengthened as you live your life. When your mind tells you to quit, you will say, “No I’m going to keep going. If I made it this far, I can go even farther. I’m going to finish my race.”

And you will.. by the grace of God.

Yours Truly,

🌹 V.O.L


What are your thoughts and experiences on faith, the term ‘born-again’ and becoming more Christ-like? I would love to know!

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2 thoughts on “Becoming More Christ-Like: Walking By Faith

  1. It isn’t easy openly confessing Jesus. I know that for sure….

    I have always seen a certain spirituality to you that is endearing. This post here also makes me to think deep on many things. Amazing how most of us forget to be open and hold on, right?

    Oh well.

    Sister mine, this was a piece from the heart that touched my heart.
    I struggle every day even as I try to be a better man and hold on to God. The other day I was receiving counsel from a priest and he told me something: ‘Even as you struggle, remember that our Christianity is a lifelong race with many hurdles. Keep running and even when you fall, rise. Never stop running, [I guess I can add, till like Paul, we can say, we have run the race well, then pick our laurel].’ He went on to tell me that I should also think of prayer as something not initiated by me but by God, since He is always there waiting to talk to us. ‘He knows all your needs already. He knows everything. He is always waiting. You don’t have to struggle. Just let Him and log in.’

    May His grace abide and when we fall, may we rise…not to ourselves, but always to Him in Jesus name. Amen.


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