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Becoming More Christ-Like: Walking By Faith

My first ever blog post on Victoria's Bubble was titled: 'By Grace Through Faith'. I openly declare that I have not been the ideal personification of what a 'Christian' is supposed to be; however I have always had a relationship with God. I have 'fallen' plenty of times: fell into sin, temptations, done things which… Continue reading Becoming More Christ-Like: Walking By Faith

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New Year, New Who? 

"Hey sis, how do I become like these women?" I swift my gaze from my phone to hers, and analyse the pictures being displayed: Successful women. My mind in a spiral, I wonder if I should give her a clichĂŠ response. You know... one of those typical quotes you see floating around the internet that we all love? "Comparison is the thief of joy" etc?