The Mind That Never Sleeps đŸ˜ž

Current society glorifies material things and success stories. I’m one of them, I aspire for both. However, often times because everyone is so busy presenting the best version of themselves, we often do not realise the internal demons that they may be battling. They are professional actors, who have mastered the ability to suppress their internal emotions in such a way that on the surface, their misery and sadness cannot be traced.

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The Fictional Diary of A Hopeless Romantic Part 2

I smile at myself. Sarcastically of course, the resemblance to that of a deranged psychopath is uncanny. At this moment, I can feel an overwhelming itch to commit kill. If I’m that disposable, surely two can play at the same game right? There is a void within me that needs to be filled. Murder seems plausible, deserved even. Did somebody say justice?

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Who is Feeding Your Flame?

So I woke up today to everyone talking about Will Smith and a video which he posted up on instagram. Here is a transcript:

“Set your life on fire and seek those who fan your flames. The prerequisite for spending time with any person is that they nourish and inspire you – they feed your flame. Look at your last 5 text messages. Are those people feeding your flame or pissing on it?”

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Join Sesano Beta Test

I would like to invite you to join the Beta test for Sesano: an artificially intelligent personal assistant. Artificial intelligence and conversational interface are the future of human and computer interaction. Sesano is the next generation artificially intelligent personal assistant that can connect you to other bots, providing domain specific information or services at your […]

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The Art Of Not Giving A Fxck

Stop giving so much of yourself, your thoughts and your emotions to those who are not reciprocating your good intentions. If they cared, they would never take you for granted. Now go out there, and start not giving a fxck to those who don’t deserve your fxcks. THE END. Yours Truly,  🌹 V.O.L

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New Year, New Who? 

“Hey sis, how do I become like these women?”

I swift my gaze from my phone to hers, and analyse the pictures being displayed:

Successful women.

My mind in a spiral, I wonder if I should give her a clichĂŠ response. You know… one of those typical quotes you see floating around the internet that we all love? “Comparison is the thief of joy” etc?

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Let’s Talk About Branding: High End vs. High Street

I can recall walking past River Island and TopShop with longing eyes, knowing that at the time I couldn’t quite afford their trendy clothes, but not ceasing to try them on in the changing rooms and taking mirror selfies – yearning for the days where I could comfortably fork out ÂŁ40 on a pair of good quality jeans.

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