Inspiration · The Fictional Diary Of A Hopeless Romantic

That Eureka Moment

And like the sudden switch of a light bulb, everything changed.


She shot upright on her bed; resting her back against the numerous soft edged pillows leaning against her cushioned bed frame.

The nothingness of the dark appears unusually comforting.

She smiles eerily.

A ghostly moment which if captured on footage, would send piercing shivers down the spine of the observer.


A powerful feeling overwhelms her body, It feels euphoric.

A climax.

Bracing herself tightly whilst tilting backwards and forwards, the sudden realisation of where she has been going wrong all these years gently slaps her in the face.

It’s a compassionate authoritative slap. The type that a parent gives their child when they’re trying to knock some sense into them.

She remains seated on her bed, still rocking backwards and forwards.


Tilting backwards and forwards

Lost in a cold sea of thoughts.

Tilting backwards and forwards


How could it have taken me so long to realise?” she quietly disbelievingly whispers to herself.

The cutting sound of her voice fills the dark melancholy bedroom, providing it with unforeseen character.

Her incredulous shaking head can vaguely be perceived in the midst of the darkness.

An array of abstract thoughts circle within her conscious and subconscious, her fingers meanwhile blindly rummaging her bedside table for that familiar comforting rolled up papery feel.

Self medication.

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