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Body Image Struggles: Weight Gain

Have you ever looked in the mirror and wanted to change something about your appearance? For me that has always been my weight. The heaviest I've been on the scale has been 8 stones (50kg) and this didn’t even last two weeks before the weight dropped back down again. It’s a struggle. From secondary school… Continue reading Body Image Struggles: Weight Gain

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Conforming To The 21st Century Standards of Beauty

I've been a victim of whitewashed black beauty. Black women throughout modern history have been portrayed as unattractive.The 21st century's current beauty ideals, are a reflection of European beauty standards; emphasised through the widespread projection of Eurocentric facial features: fair skin,thin nose and long silky hair.Generally, these homogenous standards of beauty exclude many black women, potentially… Continue reading Conforming To The 21st Century Standards of Beauty