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What Even Is Confidence?

Confidence, I guess is subjective. Some people perfectly personify it: *cough* narcissists *cough* Others believe one can 'look' confident and therefore place more attention on their outward appearance; whereas others place more value on the 'act' of confidence. Whatever the correct answer may be, true confidence goes a long way in....

The Fictional Diary Of A Hopeless Romantic

The Fictional Diary Of A Hopeless Romantic

I intently stare at my tear streamed face in the mirror and as though in a trance, transport myself to fifteen years ago; standing at this exact spot. ** I feel nostalgic as I stand behind my younger self, longingly gazing at my optimistic and enthusiastic 11 year old persona: "I can't wait to be… Continue reading The Fictional Diary Of A Hopeless Romantic